York Covid update finds people aged 90 and over have the highest infection rate in the city

York’s latest Covid update revealed the infection rate is highest among people aged 90 and over.

And more than 20 nursing homes in the city have at least one coronavirus infection.

What was a weekly York City Council newsletter has been reduced to a monthly update.

The last one has just been published. This confirms the drop in infections recorded in the city, now people no longer have to test for Covid when they have symptoms.

York Covid Rates

He says the latest estimate, for the period April 17-23, is that 4.38%that’s nearly one in 25 York residents, has Covid.

This is down from 6.79% (one in 15) from the previous period.

Covid case rates in York are currently highest in the following age groups: 90+ (422 per 100,000); 50-54 (254); 65-69 (184) and 80-84 (173).

Positive rates for York, as of April 30, were 4.7% for Pillar 1 tests (identical to the national average); and 2.6% for Pillar 2 (the national average was 4.9%)

Judged on case rates, York is currently ranked 72nd out of 149 upper level local authorities in England with a rank of 1 indicating the lowest 7 day rate.


Nursing homes

There was 21 York Region nursing homes with at least one confirmed Covid-19 infection, as of April 20.

A home reported an “outbreak” – two or more cases – on May 6.

Case at York Hospital

There was 77 confirmed Covid-19 patients in general or acute beds at York Hospital as of May 2. The peak number was 158 on March 28, 2022.

Of them coronavirus patients were in the intensive care unit. The maximum number in intensive care was 19 on May 10, 2020.

Variants of Covid

In the month to May 1, coronavirus cases by variant were:

  • Original Omicron BA.1 strain: 28.89% cases
  • Omicron BA.2 subline: 69.33% cases
  • Undetermined: 1.78% cases


The number of Covid-19 deaths recorded up to April 22 was 495, according to the Office for National Statistics. The distribution of these deaths is as follows:

  • 305 to the hospital
  • 146 in retirement homes
  • 36 at home/elsewhere, and
  • 8 in a hospice.

The average age of deceased York residents was 81.5with an age range of 30 to 104. A total of 77.4% of York residents who died were aged 75 and over, while 48.7% of CYC residents who died were male.

Long Covid

Post-acute COVID is defined as signs and symptoms that develop during or after infection consistent with COVID-19, persist for more than 12 weeks, and are not explained by another diagnosis.

Health modeling predicts that York will have 975 new cases of post-acute Covid between May 1 and June 30, including 185 will require medical services.


Number of vaccinations for York adults aged 16 and over, as of May 4:

  • 159,548 received first dose (89.5% of eligible residents)
  • 153 118 received both doses (85.9%)
  • 128,865 received the booster vaccine (72.3%)

Number of vaccinations for York children aged 12-15, as of May 4:

  • 5,815 received the first dose (69.4%)
  • 3,770 received both doses (45.0%)

Number of vaccinations for York children aged 5-11, as of May 4:

  • 1,664 received the first dose (11.1%).

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