Yes, you can still apply for the Chicago Free Transit Card program. Here’s How – NBC Chicago

Chicago officials say thousands of gas and transit cards have been distributed under a $12.5 million program, but thousands have yet to be distributed in future lotteries.

Chicago Moves, an assistance program dedicated to providing financial relief amid rising inflation and fuel prices in the United States, aims to offer gift cards for free access to gas or transportation shared with residents of the city who need transport assistance.

According to Mayor Lori Lightfoot, approximately 10,000 gas cards have already been distributed or are awaiting pickup at City Hall. Another 25,000 transport cards and 10,000 gas cards will also be distributed soon.

“The robust response to our Chicago Moves program demonstrates the immense need for this type of assistance,” Lightfoot said. “People are experiencing economic hardship due to soaring inflation and the cost of gas, but the city is committed to providing continued financial assistance to help combat these difficult times.”

More than 90,000 Chicago residents have submitted applications for the program, but applications are still open.

Here is the information you need to know:

Who is eligible to apply for the program?

Here are the program eligibility requirements:

-Be a resident of the city, 18 years of age or older.

-Meet specific income requirements.

-Have a valid email address

-Gas card recipients will also need to have a valid and up-to-date city sticker on their vehicles.

How can I apply?

Residents have two options. Officials recommend using the Chicago Moves websitebut residents can also visit Chicago Public Library branches for paper applications.

How will the cards be distributed?

According to city officials, 75% of the cards will be issued to those who “resident in high mobility community areas.”

The remaining cards will be distributed to the 50 neighborhoods of the city.

What types of cards are available?

Residents can apply for free gas cards or free transit cards. Only one person per household can request the cards.

What is the deadline to participate in the lotteries?

According to city officials, applications must be submitted by September 1. It is not known when the last lottery will take place, but the city holds lotteries during the first week of every month.

Where can I find more information?

Residents can either visit their local library or go to the Chicago Moves website for more information.

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