The UAE…is a pioneer in protecting and empowering seniors

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The UAE celebrated the “International Elder Abuse Awareness Day”, which falls on June 15 every year, crowned by many of its achievements in providing a decent life for the elderly, and in the context of an integrated legislative and legal system that retains all of its rights.

The global event, taking place this year under the slogan “Combating Elder Abuse”, aims to raise awareness, shed light on the problem of elder abuse and demand a multi-faceted global response. facets focused on the protection of their rights and the development of ways and methods. to define, detect and address abuse.

The United Arab Emirates, through its legislative and legal arsenal and its social initiatives, has been keen to ensure the protection of the elderly and to ensure the strengthening of their role in society, in accordance with the concept of empowerment that the wise leadership has pursued. in all its strategies. and projects since the founding of the state.

The government of the United Arab Emirates pays remarkable attention to the elderly and enacts appropriate legislation and initiatives to ensure their enjoyment of the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, including the provision of care and psychological, social and health stability, considering that it is imperative to take advantage of their experiences. for sustainable development.

The Ministry of Community Development has made a point of raising awareness of the rights of seniors in general in accordance with its social action mission and in accordance with its strategy which places this category in an advanced position, defined in the Family Protection Guide issued by some of the bad practices that older people may be exposed to, seeking to raise awareness in the community Introducing family members to their rights and duties, creating an environment that enhances family stability and security for all family members, in addition to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the social services provided by the authorities concerned.

The Ministry, official guardianship of seniors and competent authorities of the country, continues its efforts to provide them with support and protection in all its aspects. 26 innovative initiatives and projects in progress.

All institutions have responded to management’s directives to change the names of elderly people to elderly people, and several important initiatives concerning them have been launched, such as the “We Connect You” initiative to provide health and psychological services to elderly, including primary care. , physiotherapy and social programs and services.

And programs for the rehabilitation of establishments, taking biometrics (pressure, sugar, temperature), in addition to carrying out field visits to seniors on social assistance, at their place of residence or in nursing homes and hospitals, in order to to identify their needs and periodically update their data.

The national policy includes a database project for the elderly, a “prevention” campaign, the inclusion of courses in geriatrics, training for health care providers and a “protection” program.

And a bill on the rights of seniors, the retirement program, the “My Health” initiative, health insurance, home help (the mobile unit), and a draft guide to specifications and environmental standards. and day care services, and a ‘Fazaa’ for protection, communication and home visits. Initiatives include age-friendly institutions.

The Department of Community Development has launched the Emirates Passion Card, which offers a wide range of government and private services for older people, in addition to many benefits and discounts. A doctor, physiotherapist, nurse and visiting assistant in the home for the elderly to provide primary health care, physiotherapy, social services, outreach and education, and to familiarize family members with the care and treatment of the elderly, in addition to social workers to carry out the tasks of the procedures for the periodic search of beneficiaries entitled to the insurance.

In the area of ​​care and development services provided to the elderly, the ministry provides the accommodation service provided by the Ajman Elderly Happiness Center for anyone aged over 60 without family or breadwinner , and social security, which is a monthly social service helping senior beneficiaries with conditions and eligibility checks, with the aim of supporting sustainable social development and the social well-being of all citizens.

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