The national cabinet meets for the first time since Anthony Albanese became prime minister. Health, labor shortages and cost of living are the order of the day

Australia’s biggest health crisis saw the establishment of a national cabinet and more than two years later health remains front and center as the group meets for the first time since Anthony Albanese became Premier minister.

State and territory leaders want consistency in health funding and improved primary care to reduce the number of people in hospitals.

At the height of the pandemic, the then Morrison government increased Commonwealth funding to public hospitals to 50/50, but this is due to expire in September and all state and territory leaders want this extended.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said the government should not make the “Scott Morrison cuts”.

“All we want is time, we want to buy time to do really important work, whether it’s three months, six months, whatever it is, we can’t proceed in September to cut funding of health at the national level, it just doesn’t make sense,” he said.

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