Edmonton Ukrainian National Federation hall vandalized with swastika – Edmonton

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is calling on police to investigate the vandalism of the Ukrainian National Federation Hall (UNF) in Edmonton as a possible hate crime. On Friday, people involved with the UNF found swastikas spray-painted on the building itself as well as on a “Stop Putin, Stop War” banner hanging just next to … Read more

Ukraine supporters rally outside Russian consulate in Toronto

Draped in blue and yellow and waving Ukrainian flags, hundreds of people rallied outside the Russian consulate in Toronto Sunday, gathering to show support for Ukraine and call for bold action by the war-besieged country’s Western allies. Demonstrators from the GTA’s Ukrainian community along with other supporters — some waved flags from nearby eastern European … Read more

Ukraine solidarity rally scheduled for downtown Toronto on Sunday – Toronto

A rally in solidarity with the people of Ukraine is planned for downtown Toronto on Sunday, as the Russian invasion of the country continues. The #StandWithUkraine rally, organized by the Toronto branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress is scheduled to start at 2 pm at the Russian Consulate on St. Clair Avenue East. Read more: … Read more

Justin Trudeau heads to Europe to help organize more sanctions against Russia

OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to Europe next week to co-ordinate new sanctions against Russia and support for Ukraine—a trip that has become more urgent in the wake of a Russian attack that endangered a nuclear plant. Trudeau said he’s looking for more ways to “support” Ukraine, “push back against Russia,” and “defend democracies better … Read more