Queen Elizabeth makes a surprise appearance at the opening ceremony of the London train line

The monarch, walking with a staff, wore a bright yellow outfit and hat to visit the Elizabeth line, which bears her name. She received a prepaid Oyster travel card at the event at Paddington station in west London on Tuesday, but did not use the train line itself. The Queen was present with her son, … Read more

Benefit hosts influencers in Hawaii, even though locals don’t want them

Benefit Cosmetics is facing criticism after inviting influencers on a PR trip to Hawaii. It comes as islanders are asking potential visitors not to visit, due to overtourism. Last year, the island struggled to cope with high tourist demand as tens of thousands of additional American tourists left Hawaii in turmoil. Fully vaccinated American travelers … Read more

5 Waterfront Airbnbs Within Driving Distance of DC

White Point Cottage on the Potomac. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb If you’re still looking for summer vacation plans, consider one of these waterfront getaways within driving distance of DC Delaware beachfront home With stunning views of Delaware Bay, this home just north of Lewes seems made for a relaxing family vacation. Location: Broadkill Beach Features: … Read more

Lethbridge tourism and hospitality sectors optimistic ahead of summer season – Lethbridge

Warmer temperatures aren’t the only thing returning to southern Alberta. Tourism Lethbridge CEO Erin Crane said she’s seeing more and more travelers stopping at the information center, arriving at a rate similar to pre-pandemic levels. “Going back even to 2019, we’re starting to see some of those same numbers coming in,” she said. “Our visitor … Read more

China’s ‘Strange Slope’ Optical Illusion Where Uphill Looks Like Downhill

Your eyes are deceiving you: Stunning footage shows the mesmerizing optical illusion ‘Strange Slope’ in China, where cyclists ‘coast’ ‘Strange Slope’ lies 30 km (18.6 miles) northeast of Shenyang City Videos show cyclists apparently freewheeling while ‘climbing’ uphill An expert in optical science said that the close vanishing point contributes to the effect By Ailbhe … Read more

This decadent dish highlights the famous black truffle

Editor’s note – Don’t miss “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy” airing at 9 p.m. ET on Sundays. Tucci travels Italy to discover the secrets and delights of the country’s regional cuisines. (CNN) — In the Umbria region of Italy, most people enjoy their meat. Pork and wild boar are the main – and sometimes the … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival: Greg Larsen – We All Have Bloody Thoughts

There couldn’t be a more fitting title for a comedy show. We all have bloody thoughts is exactly what you’d expect from a comedian known for his pretty garish rants, especially his appearances on the now-defunct “Tonightly” show, various other stand-up appearances, or his dancing opinion pieces. on the line between satire and being uncomfortably … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Cameron James – Electric Dreams

Nostalgia. It can happen to anyone, anytime. The song playing, that movie you saw, the souvenir you found in your parents’ closet. They can spark memories of a time and place you may have thought you had forgotten. It is this feeling of going back, of remembering and sometimes of cringing that Cameron James brought … Read more

Saudi Man Charged After Maserati Rolls Down Rome’s Spanish Steps

Roma (CNN) — In Rome, don’t drive your fancy sports car up the historic stairs. That advice was apparently not heeded by a man who this week drove his rental Maserati up the city’s Spanish Steps and now faces charges of allegedly damaging the monument, according to police in the Italian capital . The anonymous … Read more

Amtrak train from Seattle to Vancouver, BC postponed

Amtrak will postpone the restoration of its Cascades passenger train service between Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia, until December due to staffing shortages. The service gap occurred despite the Biden administration’s high-profile US$66 billion allocated in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to catch up on maintenance and expand the nation’s rail service. Amtrak to … Read more