There have been ‘positive feedbacks’ on the free preschool policy

2GB broadcaster Luke Grant said he had heard ‘positive feedback’ about the NSW and Victoria state governments implementing a free year of early education for children aged four year. “It’s been a thing in Western Australia…it works very well and I hope it works very well here,” he told Sky News host Chris Smith.

Putin could be ‘even worse’ than Hitler

Russian President Vladimir Putin repeating Hitler’s evil could make it “even worse”, says Sky News host Chris Smith. “Their attempts at humor on Twitter and posting a stupid travel sanctions list is an insult to the tens of thousands of Ukrainians and Russians slaughtered in this senseless war,” Smith said. “How dare they be so … Read more

ABC disclaimer ‘preemptively apologizes’ for comments in show reruns

Sky News host Chris Kenny said the ABC added a disclaimer to viewers before airing episodes of the 1980s show Parkinson in Australia, a talk show hosted by the British television interviewer Michael Parkinson. “As part of their 90th anniversary celebrations, the ABC is rerunning many of the shows it has aired from here,” Mr … Read more

Albanese national cabinet a ‘refreshing change’

Friday’s National Cabinet meeting was a “refreshing change” from previous meetings with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced after the meeting that the federal COVID-19 funding agreement would be extended through December 30, a move that was openly welcomed by state premiers. “Previously, we tried to … Read more

Russia blacklists Sky News journalists

A huge list of 121 Australians have been blacklisted by Russia indefinitely – including Sky News host Andrew Bolt and Sky News political reporter Jonathan Lea. Australian journalists, prominent media and business executives and government officials have been banned from entering Russia – as the country claimed they promoted a ‘Russophobic’ agenda. Andrew Bolt has … Read more

Tyson Fury had a ‘vicious love affair’ with boxing

World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury says he’s had a ‘vicious love affair’ with boxing as he reveals the secret to his love for wife Paris Fury. Mr Fury said love is a ‘fantastic thing’. “Someone who has never known love can have the world but they will have nothing,” he told Sky News Australia host … Read more

Albanese push to legislate climate target ‘a bit of a statement’

Nick Cater, of the Menzies Research Centre, said Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s effort to legislate a 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 appears to be “a bit of a statement”. “He wants this legislated why? You don’t need to legislate for it to have an effect,’ he told Sky News host Jenna Clarke.

A new “anti-democratic alliance” is emerging

Spiked Online’s Brendan O’Neill argues that the British should support the government’s Rwandan policy whether they agree or not. A flight carrying asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda was canceled minutes before takeoff after the European Court of Human Rights staged a last-minute intervention. “We are seeing the emergence of a new anti-democratic alliance … Read more

UK asylum plan will save government ‘billions’ if successful

Former UK Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe has said that if Rwanda’s migration policy is successful it will save the country “millions, if not billions of pounds”. The first flight which was to take asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda was canceled after an intervention by the European Court of Human Rights. “The government has … Read more