Between Guyana and Brazil, an uncontrollable border (2/4)

Published on: 06/17/2022 – 11:59 13:00 REPORTERS © FRANCE 24 Every day, nearly 3,000 canoes cross the Oyapock River, which serves as the natural demarcation in South America between Brazil and French Guiana. The banks of the river are the scene of trafficking, illegal immigration and illegal gold panning. Residents are playing cat and mouse … Read more

Rohingya refugees face eternal exile in Bangladesh

Published on: 05/27/2022 – 11:55 The Muslim Rohingya ethnic minority suffers severe persecution in Myanmar. Following a deadly crackdown by Myanmar’s military in 2017, some 740,000 Rohingya fled to neighboring Bangladesh, where they settled in the southern town of Cox’s Bazar. Five years later, the city is home to the largest and most dangerous refugee … Read more

Abortion rights in the United States under threat: the specter of a post-Roe America

Published on: 05/20/2022 – 12:20 The recent leak of a confidential U.S. Supreme Court document confirmed the conservative-majority court’s intention to overturn Roe v. Wade, the decision that guaranteed access to abortion across the United States for nearly 50 years. Such a decision would have an unprecedented impact on 75 million women of childbearing age. … Read more

Under the radar: Covering your online tracks

Issued on: 04/15/2022 – 15:43 44:16 REPORTERS © FRANCE 24 In our hyper-connected world, it’s increasingly difficult not to leave digital footprints, whether it’s on the internet or social media. Every move we make is tracked by our smartphones: our online searches, interests and movements. Often, we are unaware of how our data can be … Read more

War in Ukraine: Courage and resilience amid Russian offensive

The war in Ukraine is being waged on many fronts. From Odesa on the Black Sea to Irpin in the north, via Mykolaiv and the capital Kyiv, FRANCE 24’s Gwendoline Debono has followed the trail of violence and devastation. Our reporter met fighters joining the war, civilians hiding in underground bunkers and women giving birth … Read more

A country short of doctors: Exploring France’s ‘medical deserts’

The French healthcare system is often held up as an example for its quality of treatment and universality of coverage. But disparities exist across the country, with a severe shortage of doctors in certain areas seriously limiting access to care, a phenomenon the French call “medical deserts”. Although the government has decided to increase the … Read more

The battle of Irpin: Meeting the Ukrainian resistance

Issued on: 03/24/2022 – 18:43 In Irpin, just outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, a multi-faceted resistance movement is preparing to face the approaching Russian troops. Our team puts Bohdan, a Ukrainian artist; Maxime, a Russian artist; and Sergiy, a Ukrainian member of the French Foreign Legion. All of them will play a role in defending … Read more

Algerian War: Looking back at the Évian Accords, 60 years on

Issued on: 03/18/2022 – 10:15Modified: 03/18/2022 – 10:21 16:59 REPORTERS © FRANCE 24 screengrab On March 18, 1962, after almost eight years of brutal war, France and Algeria signed a series of ceasefire agreements in the French spa town of Évian, paving the way for Algeria’s independence. But the initial relief was followed by a … Read more

Serbia: The lithium mine sowing deep discord

Issued on: 02/25/2022 – 13:40 16:57 REPORTERS © FRANCE 24 Discovered in Serbia’s Jadar region, jadarite might be considered miraculous – at least by the Serbian government and the Rio Tinto mining group. They view this lithium derivative as an ideal raw material source for electric car batteries. But activists say it destroys ecosystems and … Read more

Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of The One Good Thing To Come Out Of Storm Eunice

Journalists attempting to report on Storm Eunice while standing right in the eye Storm Eunice is exactly what everyone needed to see today, according to Twitter. People have been sharing all of their favorite moments of reporters caught in the middle of the extreme weather in honor of Friday’s dramatic storm. However, that hasn’t stopped … Read more