Clear ‘calculation’ behind Albanese campaign strategy

Sky News reporter Trudy McIntosh said the pace of the federal election campaign has been in the spotlight since Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese returned from COVID-19 isolation. Ms McIntosh said Mr Albanese’s pace is ‘very different’ to that of Prime Minister Scott Morrison and there is a clear ‘calculation’ behind the strategy. “Obviously there’s a … Read more

Australians should be ‘very insecure’ about voting for Albanians

Sky News host Chris Smith said people should be ‘very insecure’ about voting for Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese after he approved a pay rise of at least 5.1%. ‘And even Andrew Leigh, fellow Labor MP – Andrew Leigh published an article on unemployment which said if they raised wages by 6% they would lose 100,000 … Read more

Albanese’s lack of ability to handle complex issues is ‘worrying’: James McGrath

Liberal Senator James McGrath says he is concerned about the political direction of Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese. “I’m concerned not just about the political direction, but also about Anthony Albanese’s ability and ability to deal with these very complex issues,” he told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “Being prime minister is hard work. “Is he … Read more

Neither side is tackling the big issues: Greg Sheridan

Australian foreign affairs editor Greg Sheridan says neither party “has a narrative” or is tackling the huge problems facing the nation. “Our huge structural budget deficit, our falling education standards, the absence of any productivity agenda, the absence of any defense capability,” he told Sky News Australia. “We will return to the state we were … Read more

Liberal candidate guarantees cashless welfare card will not be rolled out for retirees

National Liberal candidate for Longman Terry Young has given his word that a cashless welfare card will not be rolled out for elderly pensioners. “It (cashless welfare card) was introduced in four parts of Australia…and it was at the request of the community who wanted it; it’s for young people under the age of 35, … Read more

Independents are the ‘harbinger of chaos’: Joyce

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce says the Independents, with their ‘imperium in imperio approach’, tell us they are unique and fair and are in fact ‘the harbinger of chaos’. ‘Independents only succeed (if) the majority of the other members of the lower house, the House of Representatives, are not independent,’ he said during his address … Read more

Key seats to “remain in the hands of the coalition”

Sky News political reporter Tom Connell provided analysis of the federal election campaign according to the latest YouGov poll. Mr Connell said the general rule is that the Liberals will “track well” where the coalition has 45% or more of a two-party preference. He said seats such as Mackellar, North Sydney, Page and Wentworth appear … Read more

Victoria set to ban public display of Nazi swastika symbol

Victoria’s attorney general announced that a bill would be introduced in state parliament today to ban the public display of the Nazi swastika symbol. Under the Nazi Symbols Ban Bill, would-be offenders could face a year in prison, a $22,000 fine or both once the law takes effect. Victoria is the first Australian jurisdiction to … Read more