Australia needs to get over ‘investment mountain’ for ‘sustainable’ renewable energy

Australian Public Affairs Director Matthew Doman says the country needs to get over an “investment mountain” to make renewables cheaper, cleaner and sustainable. “It needs to be supported to counter its intermittency by either batteries or typically gas to keep a supply of baseload power,” he told Sky News Australia. “But Australia’s got a lot … Read more

Cashless debit cards won’t ‘be put to pensioners’: PM

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the cashless debit card will not “be put to pensioners”. “I can assure you we’re not going to do that,” he said at the Sky News People’s Forum, in response to Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese’s statement that the government should get rid of it. Mr Albanese said the card “not … Read more

A number of voters ‘aren’t happy with either leaders’

Sky News reporters Trudy McIntosh and Jonathan Lea have provided an update on the campaign trail as they travel alongside Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese across the country. Mr Morrison spent a large part of his time during his media conference in Adelaide dedicated to the security deal between the Solomon … Read more

Albanian slams ‘waste’ in Liberal Party’s economic stimulus plans

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says Labor has a plan to grow the economy back “stronger” with its National Reconstruction Fund. Mr Albanese said he has a problem with the Liberal Party having too much “waste” in their economic stimulus plans. “We need to have a plan to grow the economy and what clean energy represents … Read more

Partygate ‘still causing problems’ for Boris Johnson

Sky News host Peta Credlin says “Partygate” is still “causing problems” for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Overnight, he faced his first prime ministers’ question time since he was finished for attending the parties. He apologized repeatedly to the parliament,” she said. Mr Johnson was recently found guilty of breaking COVID-19 rules by attending a … Read more

Scott Morrison ‘incredibly optimistic about Australia’s future’

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has opened the leaders’ debate by declaring he is “incredibly optimistic about Australia’s future”. “Australians are incredibly resilient,” Mr Morrison said at the Sky News People’s Forum. “Now we’re in a very strong position despite the many challenges we continue to face,” Mr Morrison said on Wednesday evening. .

Victoria’s biggest power station suffers major fault

Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says a Victorian power station, Loy Yang A, has suffered an electrical fault that could “seriously reduce” Victoria’s supply during the first months of winter. “AGL today reported that Unit 2 at the power station was taken out of service last Friday and could be out of action until … Read more

NT government backtracks on gender guidelines

The Northern Territory government has dismissed draft guidelines, which recommended schools avoid gendered language in classrooms and have non-gendered sporting events. The Northern Territory’s Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison has backtracked the government’s stance, telling media the government had no plans to stop using the term ‘girls and boys’ in schools. .

‘Cupboard that’s pretty bare’: Stoker hits out at Labor’s plan on wages

Liberal Senator Amanda Stoker says the Labor party’s plan for wage growth is a “cupboard that’s pretty bare”. Ms Stoker said the Coalition’s budget has put in cost-of-living relief and pointed to the lower unemployment rate, which will put upward pressure on wages. “When you compare that to a policy that comes from the Labor … Read more

Anne Ruston rules out Medicare cuts

Social Services Minister Anne Ruston says there will be no cuts to Medicare under a Coalition government. Ms Ruston said the government had increased bulk-billing rates and pointed to the Coalition’s increased investment in Medicare over the last 10 years. “I can absolutely rule out any cuts,” she told Sky News Australia. “There will be … Read more