Reader letter: Recent protests hurt all Canadians

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With the recent protests in Ottawa and Windsor, they said they were doing this to protect our freedom — yet why did I feel they were holding every Canadian hostage.

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They said they were doing it to protect the legacy our forefathers fought so valiantly for — yet why did I feel my father and every other vet would roll in their graves if they saw this abuse in power.

Why did these protesters feel they could disrupt our economy and lives?

I feel very sad to think fellow Canadians would hurt their country and other people so badly. That they would take a right our veterans fought for — our right to protest — and turn it into an act of hostility and control.

Businesses already hurting were hurt even more, food was delayed or prevented from being shipped, while livelihoods were being shut down because of lack of goods.

You had some children actually being prevented from going to school or sleeping because of the noise.

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These groups had my support when they first started because I believe no one should be forced to take a vaccine, wear a mask and it should be their choice. Just like it is also the choice of every Canadian to follow the science, choose to get vaccinated or wear a mask and to social distance.

But who benefits from causing the economy to collapse? It certainly isn’t Canadians.

Margo ShanklinWindsor

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