Rachel Riley Expresses Frustration Over Strictly Come Dancing ‘Curse’

Rachel Riley has admitted she’s sick of her relationship being cited as an example of the so-called ‘curse’ of Strictly Come Dancing.

Over the years, Strictly has become synonymous with what the media calls the show’s “curse”, which has seen several celebrities’ relationships end during or after their time on the show, many of whom end up reuniting. with their professional partners. .

The Countdown presenter competed on Strictly in 2013, and shortly after the show ended, she split from her ex-husband, later announcing that she and her former dance partner Pasha Kovalev were a element.

Rachel and Pasha have now been married for almost two years and have two children together.

Pasha and Rachel at an event last year

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During an appearance on the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast, the math expert was asked when she first fell in love with Pacha, insisting it was long after they were on Strictly together.

“It wasn’t until much later,” she explained, noting that “at the time I did, I was married.”

When asked how she felt about the Strictly ‘curse’, Rachel continued, “I mean I always get it, I’m never going to avoid it.

“But now it’s like, you know, we have two kids. When can you just not call my kids ‘the Strictly curse’?”

She added that her appearance on Strictly dates back nearly a decade, telling the host that she “just has to answer to myself and my family.”

Rachel at the launch of Strictly in 2013
Rachel at the launch of Strictly in 2013

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Last year, Rachel admitted that Strictly is something she now intentionally avoids, having undergone therapy for PTSD following her time on the show.

“I needed cognitive behavioral therapy after a competition in 2013 and developed post-traumatic stress disorder,” she said.

“If I heard the theme music, I would start reliving the experience. It was scary and unnerving, so my way of dealing with it is to avoid watching.

Rachel has previously claimed she’s advised famous friends against participating, and also knows others who “have given up due to the mental pressures involved”.

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