Rachael Maskell reselected by Labor to be its candidate in York Central

RACHAEL Maskell will again represent Labor in York Central at the next general election.

The incumbent MP was re-selected by York Labor members who voted in ‘overwhelming numbers’ for her.

Ms Maskell, who has been an MP since being elected in 2015, said it was a “huge honour” to be re-elected and was grateful to the Labor Party, the Co-operative Party, trade unions and socialist societies for their support.

“Like never before, we need to clean up this government and clean up the mess it left behind,” she said.

“With the cost of living soaring, the housing crisis worsening and the NHS challenged like never before, we desperately need the country to come together to elect a Labor government and rebuild a strong economy, good public services. and solve the biggest problems of our time: the climate challenge, the global food shortage and international stability.”

Clive Heaton, chairman of the City of York Labor Party, said Ms Maskell was “known across York for working tirelessly, speaking passionately and crucially, for everyone in our city”.

He added: “Our members can’t wait to get out on the doorstep and campaign for Rachael in the next general election.”

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