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Russia is believed to have around 2,000 tactical nuclear weapons in its arsenal, some of which are even powerful enough to kill tens of thousands of people with a single blow. Vladimir Putin’s push into Ukraine did not go as planned, with his troops encountering courageous and fiery resistance from Ukraine. It saw Russia suffer heavy battlefield casualties – including high-ranking military forces and generals – as troops were driven from Ukrainian towns they were sure to occupy.

Now that Putin has his back to the wall, it has raised fears that Moscow is now turning to the use of nuclear weapons in a desperate bid to get its crumbling war strategy firmly back on track.

But Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy expert and former aide to Margaret Thatcher, warned Putin to launch a nuclear strike on the West “would be the end of Russia”.

He told “The reality is that Russia’s use of nuclear weapons would be the end of Russia, and they know it.

“This has been the situation since World War II, and every Russian leader has understood since then that Russia taking the first step with a nuclear strike would be the end of Russia.

“Even the UK alone has the capability to cripple Russia with its nuclear arsenal, let alone what the US has at its disposal.

“In fact, the UK’s only defense if the Russians hit Britain would mean the end of Russia.”

But Mr Gardiner also warned that Putin could be the most dangerous with Russia’s war plan crumbling before his eyes, and that he will plot revenge.

He urged the world not to underestimate him and to always be on guard, likening the Russian president to a thrashing snake in a bag waiting to bite someone.

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However, Mr Gardiner added: “But at the same time, the Russian rhetoric about the use of nuclear weapons is overwhelmingly intended to intimidate.

“There are plans to divide NATO and threaten countries that intend to join this defense alliance.

“It’s just classic Russian propaganda that we see here, where they make all kinds of threats and try to split the Western alliance.

“Russia has plenty of nuclear weapons and is always ready to use them as part of its nuclear posture, and that should come as no surprise.

“This is also part of their psychological warfare campaign designed to instill fear of God in Western countries.”

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, head of Britain’s armed forces, has warned that Putin may face the prospect of an arms shortage after underestimating the response from Ukrainian forces.

The Chief of the Defense Staff said: “You also see, on a daily basis, Russia struggling to get the momentum, struggling to align its air forces with its ground forces and struggling to get what we call a campaign modern that creates this momentum.”

Sir Tony also claimed that since the start of the war Russia had lost a humiliating quarter of its forces, with its struggles continuing in the key battlefield of the Donbass region in the east of the country.

He added: “We are talking about serious impacts on their armed forces.

“We have effectively eliminated 25% of their forces – either because of the death of people or because of the damage done to their battalion tactical groups.”

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