My husband and I have so much sex I pass out

WOMAN claims she’s having so much sex with husband she’s passed out – and now they’re raking in £31,000 a month posting their antics on OnlyFans.

Mimi Boliviana, 33, and Victo Ferraz, 26,’s “intense” lovemaking sessions are not for the faint-hearted – seeing him having to “rekindle” her once.


Mimi Boliviana, 33, and Victo Ferraz, 26, say they have sex up to five times a dayCredit: Jam Press
The OnlyFans star earns £31,000 a month


The OnlyFans star earns £31,000 a monthCredit: Jam Press

The couple only married in April but have not been able to hold hands since meeting four months ago.

Their shared love of adult content, sex and each other meant their OnlyFans business was a no-brainer.

Mimi claims they have sex up to five times a day – but admits their high libido can sometimes prove dangerous to her health.

She says her husband’s bedroom antics sometimes caused her blood sugar levels to drop – seeing her pass out during a romp.

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The 33-year-old bragged: “We have so much sex that I feel sick at times. It’s so intense.

“Once after having sex, my blood pressure dropped so much that I almost had a seizure and passed out.

“Victor had to resuscitate me by giving me sugar right away. We just have sex all the time.”

They decided to take advantage of their strong sexual urges by sharing hot content on OnlyFans together.

The newlyweds, who live in Brazil, now earn £31,000 each month whipping up their antics on film – more than the average annual salary in the UK.

Model Mimi said: “We were already working with selling adult content long before we even met.

“So we are used to making recordings. I really like my job.

“I like to act out my sexual fantasies and take advantage of them, to make an economic profit from them, because I usually have fantasies that are out of the ordinary.”

People can peek between the sheets of Mimi and Victo for just over £8 a month, while an annual subscription costs nearly £60.

And it looks like their careers in adult content are paying off, as they regularly cruise around the world on luxury vacations.

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The couple tied the knot in a £32,000 ceremony in Dubai before enjoying a honeymoon in the Maldives just four months after they met.

Victor had only asked the question a few days before their lavish nuptials.

Mimi passed out during an adventure


Mimi passed out during an ‘intense’ fling with her new hubbyCredit: Jam Press

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