Mum hot sand warning as son, 4, needs skin cut after burning foot

A mother has warned people of the dangers of bonfires and beach barbecues by sharing an image of her young son’s badly burned foot. Kerensa Long asks swimmers to ensure that all fires are completely extinguished and doused with seawater, or marked with rocks to highlight the danger.

Ezekiel Long, aged just 4, was taken to hospital after stepping on hot sand while playing last weekend at Grebe Beach, near Falmouth, CornwallLive reports. There was no evidence that there had been a fire on the patch where Ezekiel burned his foot

She said: “As it’s that time of year I just want to send a message to people to get rid of it and make sure it’s safe before you go. Bring the BBQ home or wash it in water first. It’s irresponsible and it can have a big impact.”

Ezekiel was taken to hospital where he was seen immediately for his injury. He had to return to the hospital for further treatment of the foot, which would include a cut of the skin.

Karensa said she felt this was even more important given that there could be even younger children crawling on the beach who might be unable to lift themselves from the hot sand.

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