Morrison looks at the prices in the western seats

Scott Morrison has spent his second full day of campaigning in Western Australia as he aims to hold on to crucial swing seats.

With just two weeks until Election Day, Scott Morrison remained in Western Australia to try to retain crucial marginal seats.

For his second consecutive day of campaigning in the west, the Prime Minister has set his sights on multicultural communities in the rotating seat of Cowan, held by just 0.8% Labour.

He ran alongside Liberal candidate Vince Connelly to announce $1.6 million for a Vietnamese cultural center in north Perth.

The Prime Minister then spent time campaigning at a community morning tea in Pearce.

Pearce is one of three seats that could be lost to Labor in the west, with Hasluck and Swan also at risk.

Earlier today, Mr. Morrison presented a $20 million tourism package for wineries, distilleries and breweries.

The plan would provide $15 million for specialty beverage makers with $100,000 grants to build or upgrade on-site facilities such as restaurants and tourist areas.

Another $5 million would go to tourism and local governments.

Mr Morrison said tour operators would be supported to attract more people.

“Tourism is key to our plan, and this funding will help attract more tourists to local businesses, which means more people will visit our breweries and wineries,” he said.

“There are huge opportunities for our wineries and distilleries to take advantage of the plane loads of tourists looking for a new experience as we emerge from COVID lockdowns.”

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