Mohamed bin Zayed is a historical leader of high caliber

Major General Pilot Ibrahim Nasser Mohammed Al-Alawi, Commander of the Air Force and Air Defense, blessed His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may God protect him, upon his election as President of the United Arab Emirates. وقال: “نعاهد سموه على السمع والطاعة فهو قائد تاريخي من طراز رفيع، صنع الفارق على المستوى المحلي، وسطر إنجازات يشار إليها بالبنان على مستوى تعزيز السلم والأمن في المنطقة والعالم، ونشر مفاهيم التسامح والتعايش السلمي بين الأديان والمجتمعات، ورائد من رواد العمل الإنساني والخيري at the World level”.

He stressed that the late Sheikh Khalifa will keep his spirit alive and immortal in the memory and consciousness of the homeland and the citizens and hearts and souls of the Arab and Islamic nation after a remarkable life full of gifts and donations during which he devoted himself and devoted all his efforts and worked with dedication and sincerity to serve his country, his people, Arab, Islamic and all humanity and etched his biography in history as a model for leaders The inspiring sage, who gathered and united hearts around her, and unanimously agreed to exchange love, loyalty and absolute loyalty to her.

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