Meet Emily Glass, Colorado Rockies’ first female scout

The scouting report on Emily Glass, the first female scout in Rockies history, reads like this: smart, articulate, analytical yet intuitive, good people skills, possesses an excellent baseball background but also has much to learn.

“She’s got a very bright future,” said Marc Gustafson, the Rockies’ senior director of amateur scouting operations. “More than anything else, the thing that has impressed me is Emily’s ability to interact with our other scouts and others in the front office, and to speak her mind and be confident. When you look at her resume and consider her other qualities, it was a slam dunk to hire her.”

Glass, whose baseball background includes an internship with Major League Baseball International in the Dominican Republic, and a 2 1/2-year stint as the Miami Marlins’ education coordinator, where she worked extensively with Latin American players, is proud to be the Rockies ‘first female scout. But she doesn’t dwell on that milestone.

“I don’t really think of myself as a trailblazer,” she said during an interview from a suite at Coors Field. “There have been other women who have scouted for other organizations, but I can say that I’m really proud that I’m the first one to do it here. Hopefully, within 10 years, in every organization, the most qualified person will get the job, whether it’s a woman or whoever they are.”

When the Marlins eliminated their education coordinator program after the 2021 season, Glass was caught off guard and had to search for a career lifeline. She found it in the MLB Diversity Pipeline Scout Development Program held during October in Arizona.

She made a big impression and was one of 13 people hired from the program. Fred Wright, a retired scout who once worked for the Rockies, was an instructor at the scouting school. He gave Glass a glowing recommendation.

Glass, who’s long been interested in scouting, joined the Rockies in early November with the official title of scouting operations administrator. She assists Gustafson, as well as other members of the scouting department, by tabulating information, collecting data, organizing draft reports, viewing videos and organizing information on amateur players. She’ll have a hand in creating the team’s “big board” for the 2022 draft this summer.

But she won’t be chained to her desk at 20th and Blake. She also will be out in the field scouting baseball talent in Colorado and Wyoming.

“She nailed the organizational and administrative stuff and she hit the ground running back in November,” Gustafson said. “Now, when I look at the scouting component, from what I’ve seen, she has a good eye as to what she’s looking at. She’s got a keen eye for talent and she can talk the game. But, and this is important, she’s humble and she knows that there is a lot to learn.”

To that end, Glass is undergoing a rigorous education.

Scouting education

In January, she and Gustafson traveled to Southern California where they met with area scouts Tim McDonnell and Matt Hattabaugh to watch games. Glass also traveled to Puerto Rico for a few days last month, working with Julio Campos and Rafael Reyes, and national crosschecker Jay Matthews. In three weeks, she will join Damon Iannelli, Colorado’s assistant director of scouting, in Houston for a college tournament at Minute Maid Park.

Danny Montgomery, Colorado’s vice president and assistant GM of scouting, believes it’s just the beginning of a stellar career.

“The sky is unlimited for Emily,” said Montgomery, who was instrumental in her being hired. “Her high energy and infectious personality mean that she never meets a stranger. I classify Emily as a future rockstar in Major League Baseball.”

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