Massachusetts Average Gas Price Drops a Penny – Will It Last?


The average gasoline price in Massachusetts fell on Thursday after hitting a high on Sunday.

David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Sara Doyle of Andover pumps her car with gas in the Fenway area Monday morning. Massachusetts prices at the pump are now averaging above $4. David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

The average price of gasoline in Massachusetts fell one cent on Thursday after hitting an all-time high on Sunday.

According to AAA’s gas price tracker, the average gas price in the Bay State was $5.039 per gallon for unleaded gasoline on Thursday, down from $5.045 per gallon on Wednesday.

On Sunday, the average price of gasoline in Massachusetts again broke records, as it did several times in the spring of 2022, hitting $5.049 per gallon. Gas prices in the state hovered around that high figure throughout the week, through Thursday.

While the news brings some hope to drivers who are feeling wet at the pumps, it’s unclear if gas prices will continue to fall or if this is just a temporary dip. .

In recent weeks, gasoline prices have jumped 27 cents week over week. Just a month ago, the average gasoline price in Massachusetts was $4.602 per gallon.

AAA said earlier this week that gas prices continued to climb due to the high cost of a barrel of oil and demand continued to outstrip supply, despite efforts to increase supply by tapping into global reserves.

Massachusetts continues to have a higher average gas price than the country, which is currently at $5,009 – a record set on Thursday. This further signals that gas prices may not be down overall.

Within the state, Dukes and Nantucket counties continue to have the highest gasoline prices, at $6,050 and $5,982 per gallon, respectively. Hampden and Bristol counties have the lowest gas prices, at $4,948 and $4,962, respectively.

Franklin, Hampshire and Berkshire counties were also able to keep average gas prices just below $5.

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