Martine McCutcheon Says She’s “So Hungry” in Smiling Selfie After Weight Loss

Martine McCutcheon took to Instagram to tell fans she was starving, after the EastEnders embarked on a weight loss journey, after rejecting ‘crazy diets’.

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Martine McCutcheon shares video on Instagram and asks about food

Martine McCutcheon told fans she was “so hungry” as she shared a smiling selfie after her weight loss journey.

The actor, 45, has lost a lot of weight in recent years, having ditched “crazy diets” in favor of doing what’s best for him.

The former EastEnders star shared the same identical selfie four times in one photo, of herself wearing a polka dot shirt and captioning the post: “So hungry!”

Yesterday, the Love Actually legend shared a video of herself in the same position and outfit, and wrote, “What to eat for lunch? Any ideas? I need some inspiration! So undecided today!”

Martine told her followers she was “so hungry” in an Instagram post



Martine posing in a beautiful dress



A week and a half ago, Martine showed off her amazing physique days after admitting she thought she was currently in perimenopause.

At her Surrey home, Martine caused a storm by donning a black jumper tucked into a white polka dot skirt.

Looking impossibly chic, the outfit accentuated the svelte figure of the soap star as she posed for the camera while arranging eucalyptus in a vase.

Looking fresh and smiling, she wrote: “Evening everyone! I hope that you all are ok. I love the feeling of ticking off a to-do list!

Martine McCutcheon in bikini on vacation

“I spent a day sorting through bric-a-brac that I had wanted to do for SO long, but until Sunday I hadn’t had a real day off unless I was sick!

“Anyway! It was really, really satisfying! I also loved the weather today.

“I’m going to bed early because I have a lot of stuff tomorrow!”

Fans of the star were quick to comment on the chic display, writing, “You look great Martine.”

Another added: ‘You’re so pretty’, while a third echoed: ‘Another beautiful and beautiful picture of you as always Martine.’

Martine’s positive post came after she recently opened up about her perimenopause.

Taking to social media just days ago, she admitted she was feeling “crazy, tired and sore” and thought she might be going through perimenopause.

Sharing a selfie where she could be seen worried, Martine wrote: ‘I’ve had the worst stomach ache and just can’t calm down in the last week.

Martine looks fabulous in a floaty dress while on vacation



Adding more details about her struggles, she said: “At the peak of Lyme disease [lyme disease] and fibro [fibromyalgia] etc. I really think I am also in perimenopause…

“Oh Joy! I have symptoms for two weeks a month and it’s getting worse!”

Speaking about her weight loss earlier this year, the mother-of-one said last month that she had given up on “crazy diets” and was now doing “what works for me”.

“It’s taken me so long to go through everything out there and do what works for me,” she told Love Sunday magazine.

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