La Fraise Rose: shop sells dried flowers, chocolate berries

Growing up in a household with “tiger” style parenting and traditional gender roles, Vietnamese-Canadian Nicole Pham says she often heard, “You can’t do that because you’re a girl.”

So when Pham, a young mom and college biology student, began to think seriously about pursuing her dream of owning her own business, she realized it was time for her to step up and chart her own course.

At first, his original plan was to create an online store specializing in elegant gift boxes of chocolate covered strawberries and run it as a side hustle.

Having ordered a similar product for herself, Pham was immediately taken with the beauty – and flavor – of the product. But she also loves flowers and says her business plan, La Fraise Rose, “bloomed from there.” Leaving school for the time being, Pham set about launching her business, first online, then brick-and-mortar.

Pham changed the initial business model slightly, expanding to include dried and preserved flower arrangements as well as boxed chocolate-covered strawberries, and opening La Fraise Rose inside the Richmond Center shopping mall.

Now, just over a year later, La Fraise Rose is on the verge of its next chapter.

Pham says the Richmond boutique will close in mid-June as she prepares to open La Fraise Rose in Vancouver at 481 West 6th Ave, located in the bustling Cambie neighborhood down the hill from City Hall and near the Cambie Street Bridge.

This new retail space will be “quite different from what we have now,” Pham notes.

“When a customer walks into the store, I want them to feel like they’re entering a floral Eden,” says Pham, describing a space with “candy pink walls” and “shiny white floors,” and dried and preserved flowers everywhere, alongside works of art.

Customers can order at the counter; everything will be fresh daily, like chocolate-covered strawberries.

While strawberries make perfect gifts for a special occasion or hostess, Pham also considers treats to be something anyone can enjoy at any time. “We don’t see the product as just a gift, we want it to be for the person who wants a delicious chocolate snack.”

Ultimately, the desire to shape his business by giving people a beautiful space in which to enjoy things like chocolate-covered strawberries and flower-infused lattes is why the next step for Pham will be to open a La Fraise Rose café in Vancouver – once this new store is operational.

This busy mom and entrepreneur also knows the importance of raising other women. that’s why she makes sure to make annual contributions from the profits of La Fraise Rose to support causes and organizations centered on women, such as those that help victims of sexual abuse, women’s entrepreneurship and children’s rights. women. It’s another way for Pham to counter all the gender stereotypes that surrounded her as a child.

Customers have a bit more time to visit La Fraise Rose in Richmond, and Pham says the new store in Vancouver is expected to open in early August.

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