Injured woman in Crown Heights lobby dies – NBC New York

A young woman shot dead in Brooklyn on Wednesday morning has died after fighting for her life, authorities say.

Police say they received a report of an 18-year-old who was shot in the head shortly before 3 a.m. in a building along Sterling Place in Crown Heights.

When they arrived, the police found the young woman in the hall, near a courtyard and a stairwell. She was rushed to Kings County Hospital in critical condition.

On Saturday, the police confirmed the death of the young woman and reclassified the investigation as a homicide.

The apartment complex has about six surveillance cameras outside the building, but police have yet to release video.

The victim’s mother identified her as Adriana Graham, who police sources say lives in Far Rockaway, nearly an hour from the crime scene. Why she was in Crown Heights in the early hours of the morning is under investigation, as police seek to determine if Graham was the intended target.

Neighbors say they are tired of knowing that another person has been a victim of gun violence in the city.

“I don’t understand,” said Trevor Handberry. “It’s sad. It’s very sad.”

Handberry says he sees cops patrolling the area daily and is surprised at what happened.

“Every day. That’s why I don’t understand how it could be if they’re there all the time,” he said.

The shooter is still at large and no arrests have been made. Police have yet to identify a suspect or person of interest.

An investigation is still ongoing.

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