“I’m taking my daughter across Africa so she can see what daddy has done”

This trip – as ambitious as it may seem – was the logical next step.

“It comes down to: instead of thinking about obstacles, think about opportunities, what works for you, and the life you can create,” says Nadja. “It’s not necessarily going back to the same life you had together, but creating a life that works for you right now.”

And the timing of this trip seemed right. The death of her father in February strengthened Nadja’s resolve.

“The last thing I could discuss with [my dad] was literally, we’re going to Africa. He said, ‘That’s a great idea! When do we leave?’ she says. “I knew he couldn’t do that, but it was so sweet – it’s really special that it’s the last thing I get to discuss with him.”

Now, a week after mother and daughter first boarded Randy in Cape Town, Nadja is focused on the journey ahead – traveling thousands of miles across South Africa to Mozambique, in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, then south to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

“Am I worried about the car? No, I just have a lot of respect for that,” says Nadja. “Randy is a massive car, a heavy car, a safe car – I had him double checked.”

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