Hollywood residents upset with LA Councilwoman Nithya Raman over Sunset Boulevard homeless encampment

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) – Residents of a Hollywood neighborhood are concerned for their safety due to a nearby homeless encampment that they say has increased crime in the area.

“I check my car every morning to see if it was broken into today,” said Sally C., who lives near the camp.

To many, this may look like another homeless encampment in the city of Los Angeles. But for those who live in the Hollywood neighborhood that surrounds the tents near Sunset Boulevard and Martel Avenue, the encampment has shaken their sense of security for 17 months.

“We’ve had tons of break-ins. Our garage has been broken into five times. Cars are vandalized. Mail is stolen,” said Lawrence S., who lives near the camp. “Our building, the building across the street, the building across the street – there’s just rampant crime.

“In fact, my sister-in-law came to visit me for the first time and she parked across the street in broad daylight and within 30 seconds someone from the homeless camp threw a baton at him. The violence escalates and we keep asking the city council, what’s it going to take? Do we have to wait for someone to be murdered?”

The camp is located at 7323 Sunset Blvd. and surrounds an AT&T building. It is located in the neighborhood of LA City Councilwoman Nithya Raman. Raman visited the encampment a year ago, joined by residents including Terry S.

“She promised. She said she would be adamant about ADA compliance. She was considering setting up a safe campsite for campers. That never happened,” said Terry S .

“In August, 41.18, an ordinance was passed and we were very hopeful because eventually we thought they would have tools at their disposal,” Lawrence S. said. “But the councilwoman only enforces part of that prescription, which is the Care Plus Cleanup program. However, she only does it when she feels like applying it, which is three times in 17 months.”

The encampment was cleared on Thursday, but residents told Eyewitness News that each time the encampment was cleared, homeless people returned within 24 to 48 hours, which happened on Friday. Locals say allowing tents to come back is not humane.

“It used to be a wonderful place, and now it’s a pile of garbage. I mean, I think homeless people look at cleaning as if it were their personal maid service,” said Sally C.

On Friday, Raman’s office provided Eyewitness News with the following statement:

“This encampment is a priority for our office, and our homelessness team has consistently provided services and worked with people living there. LAHSA outreach teams recently identified seven people living here and together we have worked to move three into a shelter just yesterday as part of our Encampment-to-Home project, which has already moved 43 people in Hollywood inside. location yesterday and we are working to move the remaining people to shelter as beds become available.We are in ongoing communication with area residents regarding the status of our progress as we move forward.

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