High Cholesterol: Warning Signs That You Have High Cholesterol and Ways to Lower It

Lifestyle changes are extremely crucial if you have high cholesterol in the body.

Food and physical activity contribute a lot to the regulation of cholesterol levels in humans.

Here are some healthy recipes that can actually help you lower cholesterol levels:

Tomato stew

Take two medium-sized tomatoes, cut them into quarters. Put the tomatoes in a saucepan and add the minced garlic, ginger and garam masala to them. Add water and boil this mixture for 15-20 minutes. Crush the tomatoes well and strain this mixture into another bowl. Temper this tomato stew with a little oil and cumin seeds. Eat it hot.

barley soup

Take barley and lentils, clean them properly. In a pressure cooker, add a little oil or butter and add cumin seeds, onion, garlic. Stir-fry all this for a while, then add the cleaned barley and lentils. Pressure cook them for 15 minutes, then season with coriander leaves and black pepper.

Besan chilli or omelet without egg

Besan is a miracle food for those with high cholesterol. In order to eat this highly nutritious food, you can make an easy recipe. In a bowl, take 3 tablespoons of besan, cumin seeds, black pepper and salt. Mix everything with water and a little curd. To this paste, you can add tomatoes, spinach, onion, pepper and finely chopped vegetables of your choice.

Keep the batter for 15 minutes, then make pancake-like chillas out of it on a skillet. Cook it well on both sides.

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