Hawks, Pistons and Blazers most frequently mentioned as Deandre Ayton’s potential landing spot

The Atlanta Hawks, Detroit Pistons and Portland Trail Blazers are the three teams most often linked with a potential pursuit of Deandre Ayton in restricted free agency.

The Charlotte Hornets and San Antonio Spurs are also logical choices for Ayton.

The Phoenix Suns decided not to offer Ayton a five-year, $170 million maximum contract last offseason and they also quietly measured his trade value at the deadline. One structure that was discussed was with the Indiana Pacers for Domantas Sabonis.

Some in the league believe Monty Williams was frustrated with Ayton’s “diminishing focus” and contributed to inconsistent playing time.

The Suns simply may not consider Ayton, or any center, to be worth more than $30 million per season. Phoenix could then lend itself to a signing and trade for frontline help at a more affordable number.

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