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Elon Musk recently completed his takeover of Twitter for a staggering $44bn (£35bn). He promised massive changes to the platform in a bid to protect free speech

Elon Musk promised a massive change to Twitter

In April 2022, it was confirmed that Elon Musk had completed the Twitter takeover deal.

For a whopping $44billion (£35billion), Musk is now set to take on the role of temporary CEO of the social media giant.

The Tesla boss previously owned just over 9% of the company, but made an offer to take it all back shortly after acquiring his shares.

The SpaceX CEO has promised dramatic changes for the platform in an effort to protect free speech.

In the weeks since the takeover, users are wondering how the platform has changed and if any differences have already been made.

Here’s a list of all the potential changes Musk could make.

Why did Elon Musk buy Twitter?

The billionaire insisted he was not interested in making money from Twitter


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The main and main factor in buying Twitter was to protect it as a “platform for free speech”.

Musk has repeatedly explained that he is not interested in making money from the social media service, but rather wants to ensure that it remains neutral in political and social discourse.

He said that “having a broadly inclusive, maximum-trust public platform is extremely important for the future of civilization.”

Before Musk considered buying the platform, he continually described himself as a “free speech absolutist.”

Has Twitter Changed Since the Elon Musk Takeover?

So far, no changes have been made to the platform that Mush himself has made.

However, according to The Guardian, hundreds of thousands of users have left the platform to protest Musk’s purchase.

According to the social network itself, the changes in account levels were due to “organic deviations” and not a direct result of Musk.

Twitter explained: “While we continue to take action against accounts that violate our anti-spam policy, which may affect follower counts, these fluctuations appear to be largely the result of an increase in creative and deactivation of new accounts.”

What did Elon Musk promise to change on Twitter?

Elon Musk wants to make sure Twitter respects freedom of expression



The main goal of Musk’s takeover is to open up the platform and reduce content moderation.

He tweeted: “Free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital public square where issues vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

There has also been speculation that an “edit button” is coming, allowing users to edit their Tweets after they’ve been posted.

This has long been requested on the platform, with Musk taking a poll in early April asking users if they would like one.

An overwhelming 73.6% of respondents said yes to the idea of ​​an edit button.

Another big change to come could be that Twitter’s algorithm becomes “open source”.

Musk said it would help prevent “behind the scenes manipulation” such as political manipulation.

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