Ghislaine Maxwell’s wealthy ex-lovers and why they’re suddenly being used in the courtroom

Lawyers for Ghislaine Maxwell are seeking to turn the disgraced British socialite into a devoted mother-in-law and loving wife ahead of her child sex abuse conviction later this month.

At the heart of this metamorphosis is the depiction in a 77-page memoir of her relationships with two wealthy and successful men and their children who were ruined by the stigma of her years-long association with Jeffrey Epstein.

In the filing released Wednesday evening, attorney Bobbi Sternheim wrote that Maxwell’s ‘life after Epstein’ in the early 2000s was that of a committed partner of Ted Waitt, the billionaire philanthropist and founder of software company Gateway. .

Ted Wait, the founding philanthropist of the Waitt Foundation, was once in a relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell

(Wait Foundation)

“In 2003, Mrs. Maxwell began a seven-year romantic relationship with Theodore ‘Ted’ Waitt and developed a strong and loving bond with her four children, ages six to 12,” Maxwell’s lawyers wrote.

Maxwell allegedly attended Chelsea Clinton’s wedding in 2010 as a guest of Mr Waitt and later helped him secure and renovate a luxury yacht, Plan B.

“Her relationship with Waitt was well on the way to marriage and gave her what she had always hoped for and wanted most – the opportunity for a loving and stable family life and the chance to become the mother-in-law. Waitt’s children.

“But his hopes were destroyed, like much of his life, by his previous association with Epstein.”

In 2007, Epstein brokered a controversial plea deal that saw him admit charges of soliciting an underage prostitute. Maxwell was shielded from criminal prosecution, but could not escape the torrent of negative headlines.

Maxwell’s lawyer alleged the relationship ended when Mr Waitt was blackmailed by Florida lawyer Scott Rothstein, who offered to keep his name out of a civil suit that his law firm was about to file against Epstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Scott Borgerson in 2013

(Arctic Circle Assembly)

The relationship “couldn’t survive the threats of blackmail,” Ms Sternheim said.

Mr Waitt, whose fortune has been estimated at $1.4 billion, did not respond to a request for comment through his sustainable ocean charity The Waitt Foundation.

Rothstein is serving a 50-year prison sentence for his role in a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme and could not be reached.

Mr Waitt’s name was mentioned briefly during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial, by defense witness Cindy Espinosa, a former executive assistant to the socialite.

In 2012, Maxwell founded The Terramar Project, a nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to creating a “global ocean community” to help protect the global ocean.

Maxwell’s attorneys also said she was looking to rebuild her life away from the public eye through her marriage to Scott Borgerson, the former CEO of CargoMetrics.

“In 2013, Mrs Maxwell began a new relationship with the man she would later marry. She had been with her husband for over seven years and became a devoted stepmother to her husband’s two children, who had three years and four and a half years at the beginning of the relationship, ”wrote his lawyer.

Maxwell largely disappeared from public view in 2016 after Virginia Giuffre publicly accused her and Epstein of forcing her to have sex with Prince Andrew.

Maxwell was taken to court for defamation after calling Ms Giuffre a liar, and the case was settled in 2017.

Attention on her and Epstein died out until Miami Herald Investigative journalist Julie K Brown published a damning expose in 2007 about Epstein’s so-called “romantic deal” with the Department of Justice.

Epstein was arrested for child sex trafficking in July 2019 and killed himself on August 10 while awaiting trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s life was ‘ruined’ by Jeffrey Epstein, her lawyers say

(Southern District of New York)

Maxwell was arrested in July 2020 at the rural New Hampshire home she bought for $1million with Mr Borgerson.

The FBI used GPS data from her cell phone to track her to the remote location, and she tried to hide while officers searched the property.

“Unfortunately, the marriage could not survive the negative impact of this case or the association of a husband with his dishonored wife,” his lawyers said.

Maxwell, 60, was taken into custody and her relationship with Mr Borgerson ended some time before his child sex trafficking trial began in New York in November 2021.

She was found guilty after a month-long trial on five counts of recruiting and grooming young girls for her “partner in crime” Epstein on December 29.

After her death, Maxwell’s lawyers said she had become a “caricature of evil” due to a “tsunami of one-sided and overwhelmingly negative coverage”.

Ghislaine Maxwell listens to lawyer Bobbi Sternheim question psychologist Elizabeth Loftus during her trial


“The Court cannot heal the wounds caused by Epstein laying on Ms Maxwell’s shoulders the pain of each of his victims, the societal outrage, the public contempt of the community, and then kicked out of the community forever,” Ms. Sternheim wrote. , calling for a lenient sentence.

The filing said Maxwell had tried to protect Mr Waitt’s children, his stepchildren and Terramar from “the onslaught of the press and the public vilification that comes with being associated with her”.

“Ms Maxwell cannot and should not bear all the penalties for which Epstein should have been held responsible. Ms. Maxwell has already had a hard time while being held in conditions far more onerous and punitive than those experienced by a typical remand prisoner, and she is preparing to spend much more time behind bars,” the filing continues.

“His life was ruined. Since Epstein’s death, his life has been threatened and death threats continue while he is incarcerated. It would be a travesty of justice for her to face a sentence that would have been appropriate for Epstein.

Maxwell faces a maximum of 65 years in prison when she is sentenced on June 28.

Probation officials recommended that she be sentenced to around 20 years.

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