Fifth place ‘means nothing’ if York play-off poor

YORK City manager John Askey insisted that while he is happy with his side’s fifth place finish, it “won’t mean anything” unless they are able to play in the play-offs.

York drew 1-1 with Telford United in their final game of the season which, combined with Chorley’s 2-0 loss to Spennymoor, was enough to see them climb to fifth place.

Although City will now be at home for their play-offs against Chorley, it is still a game York will have to work for, even with home advantage.

“It was tough, the mindset you’re in, you want to save a little bit knowing there are games coming up,” Askey noted.

“You want to get the draw at home but that’s not essential. That’s how we looked in the first half, we just weren’t there.

“The further the game went, the more it looked like we could win. In the last 10 or 15 minutes, both teams knew a draw would be enough.

“We practically played the last 10 minutes for a draw.”

“We knew one point would be enough.

“I’m really happy that we managed to get this spot, but it won’t mean anything unless we perform on Wednesday.

“We know the crowd will be behind us, pushing us all the way, but we have to react and hopefully we will.”

The game was a scrappy affair, one of the few chances and lots of possession play and long forward balls.

In the end, a draw was enough for both teams to secure the goal they were individually working towards.

“I’m really happy,” enthused Askey after his team confirmed their fifth-place finish.

“To get the draw at home now I’m sure our ground will rock and we hope everyone who supports York will show up, it will make a huge difference for us.

“Today the fans who came, I really felt sorry for them in the first half.

“It’s the worst we’ve played in a long time.

“The players knew in the second half that they had to go out and do a lot better, and they did.

“We managed to score a goal, that’s how the players have been most of the time.”

Telford took the lead in the game and it would take York until the second half to respond, but they would hit back soon enough through Akil Wright.

The midfielder fired a shot into the top right corner from around 20 yards out, after the ball bounced around the box following a throw-in from Scott Barrow.

“Sometimes he comes up with one, very often they hit the corner flag,” Askey joked.

“I thought Akil throughout the game was good. He was the one who showed the same attitude throughout the game.

“I’m really happy with him.”

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