Fans are all saying the same thing about Eddie Scott after beating Radha and Pookie in tense showdown

Learn more about Pookie’s culinary inspiration

Pookie, 45, owns a beauty salon in Solihull.

Speaking of her culinary inspiration, she told the BBC: “I was born in Bangkok and raised in Thailand.

“I’m Thai with Chinese heritage and while that has a huge influence on my cooking, I don’t limit myself to Thai-Chinese cuisine.

“I like to cook international dishes, but I like to introduce my own style with all the foods I have cooked.

“Above all, I want my food to be tasty, delicious, fun and to make people smile.

Explaining why she wanted to get into MasterChef, Pookie said, “Friends often cheered me on, saying my style is very unique and eventually my husband got me to apply.

“I never really thought I was good enough to compete in a competition like this, but one day I decided to give it a shot.

“I’m not super competitive but I love to cook, so I’m going to try, have fun and who knows where it will take me! I would like to show the world my Pookie Style.

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