Exclusive – David McCormick says ‘no’ to grudges against Trump after attack

Pennsylvania Republican candidate for the US Senate, David McCormick, said he had no hard feelings against former President Trump after the president verbally attacked him at Friday night’s rally, and vowed to continue to fight for American First policies and give Trump all the credit he deserves for pointing America. in the right direction.

“No, listen, this is how I see it. I understand where he’s coming from,” McCormick said. Breitbart News Saturday when asked if there were ‘hard feelings’ after Trump slammed McCormick, calling him a ‘liberal Wall Street Republican’ and adding that he ‘may be a nice guy, but that’s not is not MAGA”.

McCormick said Trump’s actions were par for the course, doubling down to help famed doctor Mehmet Oz, whom he endorsed, gain momentum.

“I understand that’s how it goes,” he said, adding that Oz isn’t popular in Pennsylvania because “he’s not a conservative in any way.”

“He’s pro-abortion, he’s anti-guns, he’s pro-Obamacare, he’s pro-transgender transitions for kids. He’s anti-fracking. … And then when he announced he was running for Senate, he’s flip-flopped on every one of those positions, and that’s why he’s not picking up speed in the polls despite, you know, the all-important Trump endorsement,” McCormick explained, adding that he personally sees momentum in the polls, despite Trump’s endorsement of his challenger, because “people see me as a proven guy.”

“[I] grew up in Pennsylvania, you know, went to West Point, served in the 82nd Airborne, came back and ran a business in Pittsburgh,” he said, identifying himself as a true America First conservative.

“And on all the issues that I talk about, I can speak with enthusiasm and understanding because that’s what I truly believe. And so in terms of a grudge, no,” he said, adding that he would defend Trump’s policies if elected.

As Trump doubles down on his endorsement, McCormick said he’s “doubled down on his commitment to winning this seat,” expressing confidence that the facts will “turn…this election in my direction.”

McCormick also discussed Oz’s continued dedication to Turkey. (Oz has so far refused to renounce his Turkish citizenship, but has said he would if elected to the Senate.) He noted that Oz was born in Ohio and volunteered for the Turkish army.

“At the same time that I wore an American uniform serving in the 82nd Airborne Division under Ronald Reagan, Mehmet Oz wore a Turkish uniform,” he said, adding that it is essential for “many reasons,” including the fundamental fact that Turkey is an “adversary”.

“Turkey is pro-Iranian. Turkey is pro-Syria. Turkey is anti-Israel,” he said, adding that Oz had apparently lied about not being involved in Turkish politics, as he participated in the Turkish presidential elections in 2018. same week” that he “chose not to vote in the United States. election.”

“And then the third thing is the one you raise, which is that he has very close ties to Turkey as a dual citizen. He owns assets. His financial report says there are assets of several million dollars. He received income from the Turkish government as a spokesman for Turkish Airlines, as you said, which is owned by the government. Therefore, this raises the question of whether he should have s ‘register as a foreign agent,’ McCormick said, also touting his own strong record on China, which Turkey backs.

RealClearPolitcs’ current average shows McCormick leading Oz by an average of six percentage points in the Keystone State race.


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