Edmonton teenager thrilled to win Terry Fox Humanitarian Award

“I tried to change a lot of prejudices towards women in sport and to encourage more young people to play sport”

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Chloe Gylander was thrilled to learn that she had won a Terry Fox Humanitarian Award.

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“I actually missed the first phone call, they left a message, so I knew when I called them back that was it, but I had a few minutes of ‘oh my God, I hope it’s real,'” Gylander said.

In her second year of undergrad at the University of Alberta, the 19-year-old is one of 17 students across Canada, chosen from 500 applicants, to receive the award. It is in its 40th year of awarding scholarships and recognizing young Canadian humanitarians who demonstrate determination and courage in civic life, academics and sport.

“Well, I’m a great athlete, so I tried to change a lot of prejudice against women in sports and get more young people into sports. In high school, I joined the football team boys and I played there for a few years and was promoted to captain in my first season,” Gylander said.

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Gylander has also volunteered and raised money for charities such as the Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Make A Wish Foundation as well as the Warm Hands 5K Run, Warm Hearts and says one one of her passions is helping the homeless.

Her biggest goal is to get into law school to study either human rights or immigration law.

“I want to help people fight for their rights and for the places they want to live.”

However, her dream is to one day open a business that can support homeless people either with income or by employing them to provide them with stable employment or some sort of reliable income.

“I try to give it my all, never give up on the mindset.”


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