Lola in EastEnders

Lola receives news (Picture: BBC)

When Isaac Baptiste (Steve Basaula) announced he was going to Trinidad on an episode of EastEnders in April, Lola (Danielle Harold) feared he might never return. He assured her that he was only leaving for a short time to look after his mother Sheree (Suzette Llewelyn), who had had a heart attack. He said he loved Lola and would definitely come back to Albert Square.

Unfortunately for Lola, it seems her fears were well-founded, as in future episodes she receives the news she dreaded the most. Isaac has met someone else in Trinidad and plans to start a new life there.

Lola is upset and Honey (Emma Barton) makes things worse by explaining how awesome Jay (Jamie Borthwick) is. Lola has met Frankie (Rose Ayling-Ellis) and a naked Jay before, so she’s in no mood to hear Honey rave about her. Angry, she goes to find him, accusing him of cheating on Honey with Frankie.

Jay protests his innocence and eventually Lola breaks down, revealing that the reason she is so upset has nothing to do with Jay, but because Isaac dumped her.

It seems the confusion over Jay and Frankie might have a happy ending for Lola, as she finds an unexpected connection to Frankie after he takes her out for a drink to make up for a scene.