Dortmund congratulate Haaland and Malin at Raiola’s funeral

Berlin (ODA)

Sebastian Kehl, director of the professional player sector at Borussia Dortmund, confirmed today, Saturday, that what was raised about the presence of Norwegian striker, Erling Haaland, the team’s top scorer, for the funeral ceremony for the body of his agent Mino Raiola, without the club’s blessing, is incorrect.
Raiola, 54, died last week and was laid to rest in Monaco last Thursday in the presence of Haaland and his colleague Donel Malin, also under contract with Raiola.
“There were reports that he was not allowed to attend Mino’s funeral due to fatigue, no, it was approved,” Kiehl said after beating Greuther Fürth 3/1 on Saturday.
Haaland, who scored three goals in a hat-trick in the 3-4 loss to Bochum last week, was deeply affected by Raiola’s death.
Kehl added: “These are not easy days for him, you can tell that he was deeply affected by them, because he had a very close relationship with Raiola like Malin, so there is nothing to say about the being allowed to attend the funeral on Thursday.”
Haaland, who has scored 21 goals in 22 Bundesliga appearances this season, is expected to leave Dortmund in the coming months and move to Manchester City, believed to be closest to the Norwegian striker.
Dortmund want to make up for Haaland’s possible departure by including Red Bull Salzburg’s Austrian top scorer Karim Adeymi.
“I said last week that I had a very good feeling,” Kiehl said of Adeyemi’s future. It got better over the week. We are on the right path. »

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