DC Area Forecast: Flood warning today, with cool conditions all weekend

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8:40 a.m. — Extended flood warning for immediate area until 4 p.m.

One to three inches of rain fell across the region overnight as light to moderate rain continues. The National Weather Service extended a flood warning issued overnight until 4 p.m. for the district and immediately surrounding counties.

“Inundation of rivers, streams, streams and other low and flood-prone places is imminent or underway. Expect areas of slow-moving or standing water,” the weather service writes.

In Montgomery County, emergency officials responded to a person stranded in high water in Brookeville early Saturday morning. Many local creeks and rivers are on the rise and will approach or exceed flood stage.

In Fairfax County, overnight showers pushed Difficult Run at Wolf Trap to its shores causing flooding of Browns Mill Road, which was closed. High water also covered the left two lanes of the ring road near the American Legion Bridge. Areas of flooding were also reported on Prosperity Ave. in Merrifield, which has been closed, and on Wiehle Ave. at Reston.

A flood warning is also in effect for the Monocacy River near Frederick, Maryland, where the water level has risen above minor flood stage.

Although the heaviest showers have already occurred, an additional 0.5 to 1.0 inches of rain is possible this afternoon, with the highest amounts in our northern regions. Remember not to attempt to cross a flooded road as the water level can be difficult to gauge. Turn around.

Dulles Airport on Friday set a May 6 rainfall record with 1.18 inches and received 1.68 inches through Saturday morning. Reagan National and BWI Marshall airports recorded 1.88 and 1.86 inches for the event.

A somewhat subjective rating of today’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10: Kind of like Friday but cooler. Not great for early May.

  • Today: Rainy periods. Treble: Mid to upper 50s.
  • This evening: The showers lessen. Lowest: Low to mid 40s.
  • Tomorrow: Possible morning showers, then mostly cloudy. Treble: Mid 50s.

We are going through the worst part of this storm system. Cold conditions peak this weekend, with daytime temperatures up to 20 degrees or more below normal. The rain should tend to calm down for Mother’s Day, but it’s not going to look like early May at all. I am already thinking of the return of the sun at the beginning of next week. It’s gonna be sweet.

Today (Saturday): It is wet and cool for the time of year. We are more and more in the cool air of this storm, so the precipitation will probably not be as intense as yesterday. Still, some places could pick up another half inch or inch if the rain falls fairly steadily. Temperatures don’t move much during the day, with highs likely near midnight last night. Daytime readings peak in the low to mid-50s. Winds are from the east around 10 to 15 mph, with gusts beyond 30 mph. Confidence: medium

This evening: Showers persist overnight. It can be mostly some kind of drizzle, filled with fog. Lows are in the low to mid 40s. Winds continue to blow at around 10 to 15 mph, from the east and northeast. Confidence: medium

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Mother’s Day (Sunday): On the plus side, most or all of the rain falls around sunrise. We could see a few lingering showers in the morning, but probably not much. Considering the average high for the date is 75, the temperatures that struggle to top 50 degrees for the highs are pretty chilly. Most of the day is in the 40s, with a breeze, so plan to need layers if you’re outside. A few breaks in the clouds are possible before sunset. Confidence: medium

Tomorrow evening: Clouds are likely to be plentiful to start the night, but should see some clearing as time goes by. It is quite chilly again. Temperatures stabilize around 40 to 45. Some typical cold spots could reach the 30s. Confidence: Medium

Hopefully the sun will come back Monday. I say with a little luck, because the same storm that has been troubling us throughout the weekend will drag offshore in a somewhat unpredictable way. For now, partly sunny conditions look likely, which should help temperatures rise to around 60C – still well below normal. Confidence: medium

It’s the same general story for Tuesday. The low area should be far enough offshore that we will see plenty of sunshine. Temperatures are heading deep into the 60s for highs, with a few places perhaps exceeding 70. Confidence: Medium

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