COVID news in Ontario: 24 more deaths, 1,563 hospitalizations

Provincial health officials recorded an overnight drop in COVID-19-related hospitalizations and intensive care patients, as 24 more deaths added to the province’s death toll.

The Ministry of Health says there are 1,563 patients with the virus in Ontario hospitals, a notable drop from 1,662 yesterday and 1,676 a week ago.

Forty-three percent of hospitalized patients were admitted for reasons related to COVID-19, while 57 percent were admitted for other reasons but later tested positive for the virus.

Among those hospitalized, 204 are in intensive care, six fewer than yesterday but 16 more than a week ago.

The ministry says 65% were taken to hospital for COVID-19 and 35% were admitted for other reasons but tested positive.

Ontario labs have processed more than 14,500 PCR tests in the past 24 hours, producing a positivity rate of 13.1 per cent, up from 13.8 this time a week ago.

The province confirmed another 2,164 cases of coronavirus today, but health officials say daily case counts continue to be undercounted due to limited access to PCR testing.

The ministry says 1,377 of those infected have received three doses of a COVID-19 vaccine, 395 have received two doses, 229 are partially or unvaccinated and 163 have an unknown vaccination status.

Another 24 deaths have occurred in the past month and added to the death toll in the province today, bringing the total to 12,962 fatalities.

Three of the latest deaths were residents of long-term care homes.

The province administered more than 29,400 doses of the vaccine yesterday.

To date, 90% of Ontarians aged five and older have received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, 86% have received two doses and 52% have received three doses.

The numbers used in this story can be found in the Ontario Ministry of Health’s Daily Epidemiological Summary of COVID-19. The number of cases for a city or region may differ slightly from what is reported by the province, as local units report numbers at different times.

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