Coal communities lobby for government support in pursuit of net zero

Coal and gas communities in Australia’s eastern states are pushing for more government support for the transition to cleaner jobs on the path to net zero emissions.

The Next Economy CEO Amanda Cahill says she found “a big shift in the conversation” in discussions with coal communities and industry workers.

“People want to go beyond politics. They are seeing big changes on the ground – we are seeing our trading partners increasing their emissions reduction targets,” she told Sky News Australia.

“They say they want to manage risk, but they also want to take advantage of all the economic opportunities that are out there, and they want political certainty from the government to really help them get there.”

Dr Cahill said it will take a long time to build new renewable energy industries.

“Building a green hydrogen industry, making renewable energy parts – all of these things are starting to happen, but it will take a lot of investment to get there.”

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