New Zealand authorities and ‘Convoy for Freedom’ protesters locked in a battle of tunes

Authorities in New Zealand are blasting out Barry Manilow’s greatest hits in an attempt to dislodge “Convoy for Freedom” protesters outside the country’s parliament. Los Del Rio’s 1990s pop hit “Macarena” is also among tunes being played on a 15-minute loop to annoy demonstrators inspired by Canada’s trucker protesters. Hundreds of protesters arrived in New … Read more

I confronted ‘cocaine queen’ who beheaded a man for cartel ‘initiation’ and slaughtered teenage footballer in cold blood

SHOTS ring out across the barren countryside as a female cartel leader is bundled into a bulletproof car and whisked away by bodyguards. The terrifying raid from a rival gang, at a remote ranch in Colombia, is just another day in the office for investigative journalist Marianna Van Zeller – who comes face to face … Read more