California man killed at vigil for another gunshot victim

A man was fatally shot early Friday during a vigil for a victim who was one of two people killed in a shooting in the same Riverside, Calif., neighborhood earlier this week, police said.

The victim, in his 20s, was shot at around 12:40 p.m. near the intersection of Pierce Street and La Sierra Avenue. He was attending a rally in honor of another gunshot victim who died on Wednesday morning, KTLA reported.

Cops said an argument began at the wake, which resulted in one person pulling out a gun and opening fire.

Police responded to the scene and began performing CPR on the latest victim before he was taken to an area hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

No suspects have been identified by police and no arrests have been made.

Video shows rally attendees confronting officers as they react to the scene, according to KTLA.

Two days earlier, three people had been shot – two of them fatally – in a house in the same neighborhood around 2:15 a.m.

One victim was pronounced dead at the scene and another was taken to hospital and is expected to recover.

A third victim believed to be involved in the shooting was taken from the scene to a hospital, where she later died, police said.

None of the victims have been identified at this time.

Police arrested several people in connection with Wednesday’s shooting, but it’s unclear if any arrests were made on Saturday night, according to the outlet.

Investigators have not determined whether the shootings are related or gang-related.

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