Brent Renaud: Award-winning American film-maker killed in Ukraine – New York Times says | World News

An award-winning American photojournalist and film-maker has been killed in Ukraine, the New York Times has said.

Brent Renaud was shot dead in Irpin, near Kyiv, on Sunday by Russian forces, Kyiv’s police chief Andriy Nebytov said.

Cliff Levy, deputy managing editor at the New York Times, said the newspaper was “deeply saddened” by his death but confirmed he was not on assignment for the New York Times at the time, although he had previously worked for it.

Brent Renaud (R) worked with his brother, Craig Renaud (L)

A statement from the paper said: “We are deeply saddened to hear of Brent Renaud’s death. Brent was a talented photographer and film-maker who had contributed to the New York Times over the years.

“Though he had contributed to the Times in the past (most recently in 2015), he was not on assignment for any desk at the Times in Ukraine.

“Early reports that he worked for the Times circulated because he was wearing a Times press badge that had been issued for an assignment many years ago.”

Mr Nebytov said Mr Renaud was 51-years-old and was with two other journalists who were injured in the shooting and were taken to a hospital in Kyiv.

Mr Renaud usually worked alongside his brother, Craig Renaud, but it is not known if they were both in Ukraine.

The brothers have worked in several war and conflict zones over the years, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt and Libya.

In 2004 they were embedded with the US Army in Iraq and were filming when a rocket attack struck an American military base in Baghdad, killing four soldiers and severely wounding two others.

They have won several top awards for their work, including a Peabody for a series they made for VICE News on a Chicago school for disruptive students.

The pair have also been nominated for several Emmys.

Their website says they live and work in New York City and Little Rock, Arkansas.

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