Boris Johnson avoids bloodshed for now


Turnout was low and while the Tories who lost their seats blame Johnson, it appears the results reflect a continuation of change that all Western democracies are facing around the world.

The inner city’s highly skilled professional classes are now leaning to the left while working class voters – from laborers to office workers – are increasingly alienated and flirt with the far right.

The divide between haves and have-nots is not only related to wealth, but is also a cultural divide.

In this context, such a result in two years would jeopardize a Conservative government.

This would most likely result in a hung parliament with the Tories in the minority pleading with the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party to back Johnson. Due to personal animosity and hatred towards Johnson among the political elite, this is an unlikely scenario.


London – with a large population of educated and pro-EU voters – either loves Labor or hates the Tories. Labor now dominate local councils after winning 62% of councilors in the 18 declared boroughs, up from 55% before the election.

Four of the party’s seven wins came within miles of each other, including Wandsworth and Westminster, which had been in Tory hands for decades.

But outside London, the post-Corbyn Labor leadership has failed to inflame voters. His winnings haven’t been enough to convince Starmer skeptics that he has what it takes to win a general election.

Johnson acknowledged a “mixed set of results.” He is aware that this is his ninth political life and that he cannot survive another blow. An imminent independent report on his own COVID-19 violations could finish him off.

But for now, he survives. Faced with calls from defeated conservatives to resign, he promises to listen.

“The big lesson I take from this is that it’s a message from voters that what they want us to do first and foremost, one, two and three, is to focus on the big issues that matter to them. , moving the country forward and moving forward confident that we fix post-Covid economic aftershocks… fix energy supply issues… and continue our program of high-paying, high-skilled jobs. we focus.

Johnson is warned. The question is whether he can save the ship.

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