BBC eat well for less? includes a breakfast calorie swap that could save 200 calories

Eat well for less on BBC One? showed an easy way to cut 200 calories from an average breakfast. Just changing the way you drink your morning coffee could make a huge difference in the number of calories you consume first thing in the morning.

During the program, presenters Jordan Banjo and Chris Bavin undertook a fascinating challenge to see how two identical meals at opposite ends of the calorie spectrum compare. Jordan started by testing his hosting partner, presenting him with two identical breakfasts.

However, one was a high calorie option and the other was much lower in calories. Viewers didn’t have to look much further than cafes for a calorie-swapping gem.

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It was revealed that the higher calorie coffee was actually a full milk latte, which is standard in most UK cafes, while the alternative was an americano with a touch of semi-skimmed milk. By simply drinking the americano instead of the latte, you could save 200 calories off your daily total.

The meal was complete with a plate of avocado and scrambled eggs on toast. Chris said: “The one to my right, I don’t think the scrambled eggs were scrambled in butter.

“The one to my left obviously has more avocado, the egg for my taste was either cooked in butter or cream or maybe even both.” The 42-year-old correctly identified that the one to his left was the higher-calorie option.

Additionally, on the low calorie option, the bread was revealed to be medium sliced ​​rather than thick and a low fat spread was used rather than butter. A total of 1,053 calories were in the higher calorie breakfast, compared to just 377 on the other side.

This totaled a remarkable difference of about 700 calories between the two indistinguishable meals.

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