“Al-Bayan” wins the best media coverage of global village activities for the 26th season

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Global Village announced that “Al Bayan” newspaper won the Global Village award for “Best Media Coverage in Arabic” for Season 26 activities, as part of the annual ceremony held yesterday to celebrate and honoring its partners for the 26th season, companies working in the travel industry and prominent media professionals working in media institutions across the country. The ceremony was held at the Global Council, where prizes were distributed in recognition of the most significant achievements in several categories, for the invaluable contributions of partners to the success of successive seasons of the Global Village.

The Global Village, one of the world’s largest cultural parks and the region’s premier family destination for culture, shopping and entertainment, has confirmed that thousands of parties around the world contribute to the success of Global Village seasons and provide the most wonderful experiences for lasting memories for millions of guests at the heart of the masterpieces, and travel industry partners are helping to support Global Village’s efforts to strengthen Dubai’s position as as a leading tourist destination. The media and media professionals play an exceptional role in showcasing the offerings and events offered by Global Village and its partners, emphasizing exceptional achievements that contribute to providing customers with unique experiences season after season. .

On the occasion, Bader Anwahi, CEO of Global Village, said, “Today’s awards come in recognition of the successful and determined efforts of our partners to contribute to the success of Season 26, and to celebrate their outstanding achievements. and their superior abilities in their respective areas of specialization, where the combination of exceptional people and pioneering ideas is a key factor in our continued success. , innovation and creativity. This year we have added a number of awards that highlight some of the values ​​we are proud of. As an organizer we pride ourselves on providing ongoing support to entrepreneurs, and for this reason we have announced a new award in recognition of the efforts of promising companies and encouraging them to continue.

He added, “On the other hand, and as part of our wise leadership’s drive to achieve gender equality, we have added the (Female Entrepreneurship) award, underscoring our commitment to providing opportunities to enable women to excel in business. We also launched the award (Innovative Experience) to highlight the importance of innovation in our destination. At Global Village, we are always keen to strengthen our role as an innovation hub in order to maintain our leadership role in the entertainment industry in the region and to continue to deliver the unique experiences that customers have come to expect from us. It is a pleasure for us to collaborate with many creative and loyal partners, and we are grateful for their efforts to deliver the fun and inspiring entertainment experiences they help deliver to our customers.

The Moroccan Pavilion has been awarded the title of “Best Pavilion” for the authentic and rich experiences that embody Moroccan culture based on a rich heritage of distinctive traditions. The Iran pavilion, with its exquisite design, won the title of “best pavilion facade”. The India pavilion also won the “Best Cultural Show” award for its performances and activities during the season, while the Egypt pavilion won the “Best Craftsmanship” award for heritage and artistic works presented by Egyptian artists who embody Egyptian culture and heritage.

Haji Bundo Khan’s restaurant won “Best Restaurant” for the season, while Kiosk Corey Lobster won “Best Kiosk”. Loco Bites Café was awarded the title of “Best Coffee”, while Big Bang was awarded the title of “Best Kiosk for Small and Medium Businesses”. The Railway Market also received the title of “Best New Concept” in Season 26, and Azerbaijan House was named “Best Retailer”.

The Global Village also celebrated the contributions and achievements of entrepreneurs, where Evanthia Forky received the title of “Promising Entrepreneur” and Suzan Ali Abdel Rahman won the “Female Entrepreneurship” award.

Global Village commended the efforts of the media, which played a prominent role in highlighting the inspiring stories and distinctive experiences the destination offered to guests throughout the season. Al-Bayan’s Sherine Farouk won “Best Arabic Language Media Coverage”, and Emirates Today’s Wajih Al-Sibai won “Best Article Published in an Arabic Language Newspaper”, and Aaron Asia Net News’ Raghavan won ‘Best’, an article was published in an English-language newspaper, and Syed Ayaz of Khaleej Times won ‘Best Media Coverage in the English Language’.

Media One’s Shenoj Shams El Din won the ‘Best Social Media Influencer’ award. Mustafa Abdel-Azim of Al-Ittihad newspaper won the “Media Excellence” title, while Samir Al-Saadi of Al-Wahda newspaper won the “Media Creativity” award. While photographer Christopher White Oak of The National took home the award for ‘Best Photographer’, Global Village honored Shehab Abdul Karim of Gulf Madhyamam with the award for ‘Best Media Coverage – Other Languages’. AlAin.com’s Mohammed Abdel-Maqsoud won the ‘Jury Committee Award for Best Article’, while Gulf’s Maha Adel won the ‘Media Commitment’ award.

In addition, Global Village has awarded various awards to leading travel agencies in the tourism sector, where Rena Tourism Company won the “Best Tourism Partner – Sales” award, BTP Tourism won the “Promising Tourism Partner” award and Dubai Relax Travels won the prize. “Promising Tourism Partner” award. » Best Tourism Partner – Growth).

The Global Village and its management also expressed their deep thanks and gratitude to strategic partners and governmental, semi-governmental and private entities and bodies for their support and participation, which played an important role in the success of this season.

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