Adelaide Cabaret Festival Review: Circus Bon Bon

“Bon bon” in French translates to sweets, and the host of Bon Bon Circus promises that you will find all kinds of delights in this show.

Enter the Space Theater and indulge in Mario Queen of the Circus, a fanatical queen dressed in leather and sporting a mustache to make Freddie Mercury proud. The lights go out and the troupe Bon Bon Circus the dancers take to the stage, remaining throughout to guide the way from one circus act to the next.

At first, the theater seems too small to contain the energy and grandiose nature of the upcoming high-flying acts, but the intimacy of the space means that every muscle strain and drop of sweat that falls is in the spotlight.

Mario’s own talents are in the spotlight, taking juggling from a nifty little show to a main event. It also provides comic relief between jaw-dropping stunts. Lie back in your seat if you’re shy, as there’s a bit of audience participation – far from cringe, though, these are times that encourage squeals of laughter.

Mario Queen of the Circus is your host for Bon Bon Circus. Photo: Disclose Media

In a city full of sexy people performing aerial tricks every Mad March, it’s getting harder and harder to impress, but Bon Bon Circus tests everything you thought you knew about strength, flexibility and gravity. You’ll be caught between worrying about the performers’ safety and marveling at their abilities.

Gold Coast duo Synergy – Emma Goh and Scott Lazaverich – push confidence to new limits, while wearing roller skates. The pair provide serious “How is this possible?” moments, balancing their two bodies in unimaginable ways.

Emma Goh and Scott Lazaverich push confidence to new limits. Photo: Disclose Media

All of the Bon Bon Circus is simple, with just the back and forth of performance accessories, including a cyr wheel, ascending coat rack, bow and arrow and tub, all used imaginatively.

The lighting takes the vibe where it needs to go and the soundtrack of the night includes a pinch of queen, of course, and sleek covers that transform pop favorites into sultry numbers suitable for scantily clad contortions.

With everyone safely back on the pitch, Mario delivered on his promise; you will leave with your sweet tooth satisfied.

Cirque Bon Bon is at the Space Theater until June 19 as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival.

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