A mysterious new species seen in Cronulla

A sydney The swimming club caught the attention of scientists after coming across a potentially new species of box jellyfish.
The mysterious deadly jellyfish was discovered in the waters offshore Cronull this week.

The unknown creature has experts working to solve the case, while swimmers are warned of possible dangers.

The mysterious species of jellyfish was discovered this week in the waters off Cronulla. (Nine)

Launceston biologist Dr Lisa-ann Gershwin said the find was an incredible find.

“These thick tentacles scare me because the species with the thick tentacles are the dangerous species,” she said.

“(They are) the deadly species.”

Cronulla swimmer Scott Belcher came across the unknown jellyfish about half a mile from shore last week.

Cronulla swimmer Scott Belcher came across the unknown jellyfish last week. (Nine)

Belcher swims most mornings in Cronulla with the Shark Island Psycho Swimmers swim group.

“I’m the guy with the camera who was in just the right place at the right time,” he said.

“That might be the deadliest thing we have in Cronulla, I hope not.”

However, Gershwin said they couldn’t begin to understand how dangerous and poisonous it was until they learned what the exact species was.

Gershwin is now working with the Australian Museum to identify jellyfish.

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