95% of female students and 80% of male students in the country enroll in higher education

The digital government has confirmed that in a short time, the UAE has been able to establish a distinguished and diverse university education system, and the UAE University is considered one of the main academic benchmarks in the university education in the country.

And she said in a report that the UAE is among the top countries in the world with high application rates for higher education institutions, and in general, about 95% of female students and 80% of male students enroll. in higher education institutions, after obtaining a secondary school diploma.

She pointed out that after the ministerial restructuring approved by the Council of Ministers in February 2016, what was previously known as the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research merged with the Ministry of Education and two Ministers of State have been appointed.

According to this change, the Ministry of Education oversees the overall planning of higher education and scientific research in the United Arab Emirates. The ministry is also responsible for preparing bills for the establishment of federal institutions of higher education and scientific research, as well as licensing. and accrediting private higher education institutions.

She pointed to the Academic Accreditation Commission of the United Arab Emirates, which was established to prepare and implement quality standards against which private higher education institutions and science programs are assessed for the granting of licenses and accreditation.

The accreditation system applied to universities in the country includes three axes: monitoring, evaluation of study programs and obtaining accreditation. The integration of the system requires that all these axes be carried out with their operations of regular and diligent manner, in order to ensure academic quality.

The Commission publishes a list of accredited scientific institutions and their approved programmes.

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