6 preventive measures to reduce accidents when charging electric cars

Ajman Civil Defense has called on electric vehicle users to take preventive measures to reduce the incidence of fires while charging cars at home, in line with the summer safety campaign launched by the Civil Defense General Command as part of its main outreach plan 2022.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Civil Protection and Security, Lt. Col. Majid Ali Al-Hussan, stressed the need to take preventive measures by ensuring that the electrical charging system is checked periodically by a specialized technician , and that the fingers of the hand are not placed in the vehicle charging link.

He urged drivers to ensure that the charging cord is connected to the electrical outlet with resistance while charging, and to always ensure that the charger is valid, and children are not allowed near the vehicle, as well as not washing the vehicle. during the charging process.

Civil Defense emphasized its keenness to spread awareness through all media channels and social networking sites, to inform members of society of the safety and prevention measures followed when a fire breaks out for drivers electric cars while driving or charging cars. in their homes.

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