4 Health Benefits You Get When You Donate Blood

The Dubai Health Authority said that besides being a humanitarian act and a social responsibility that helps to cure patients and save lives, donating blood also brings great benefits to its owner.

She explained that the four benefits of donating blood are “to help the body get rid of excess iron in the blood. Donating blood also helps activate the bone marrow to produce new blood cells “.

“Regular blood donation also reduces the possibility of heart and brain clots, besides being a humanitarian act that helps save the lives of patients and the needy,” she added.

Regarding the main reasons for the temporary postponement of blood donation request, the authority explained that it includes a three-year postponement for people with epilepsy until treatment, in addition to a six-month temporary postponement for those who inscribe tattoos on their bodies. , pregnant and lactating women, as well as those who have undergone major surgeries.

She said that a single unit of blood can save the lives of three people, whose condition requires blood transfusion, and called on community members, citizens and residents to participate in the campaign, to provide the greatest amount of blood, to save lives.

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