3 reasons to choose a Lopi gas fireplace

If you’re looking for a fireplace for your home, here are three reasons why you should choose a Lopi gas fireplace: Natural Draft Direct Vent technology, GreenSmart2 technology and a transparent fire screen.

Natural draft direct ventilation technology

The natural draft direct vent technology process draws fresh air into the combustion chamber from outside and removes all exhaust gases to the outside without affecting the air quality in the room.

No power is required for this process, making it a quiet and reliable fire pit that can even be used during a power outage.

GreenSmart2 Technology

The GreenSmart2 system featured on all Lopi premium gas fireplaces is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that come together to provide a stylish, smarter and greener way to heat your home. GreenSmart2 features include GS2 smart control, smart thermostat mode, remote fan operation, accent lighting and comfort control.

In “smart thermostat mode”, the fire automatically adjusts the heat output according to the selected temperature setting. This means the flame will modulate up or down instead of instantly turning off or on like a regular thermostat.

Clear fire safety screen

A very fine mesh safety screen is included as standard on every Lopi gas fireplace. This mesh is strong but so fine that it does not interrupt the view of your fireplace. The screen is mounted 25mm from the ceramic glass to eliminate any potential hazard.

Multimedia options (linear models)

All Lopi Linear Fire Pits come standard with your choice of rock or glass embers for the fire pit floor. This allows the underlight to shine on the Premium range. Crushed glass is available in four color options: Black, Platinum, Bronze and Cobalt.

Additional media choices for the Premium line (Lopi 3615, 4415, 4415ST and 6015 HO GS2) include: Driftwood Log, Birch Log, Traditional Log, Tumbled Stone, Twig and Stone or Glass Only.

Fire Coating Options

Backfire liners are the side and back panels inside the firebox itself and are used to enhance the fire. Depending on the fireplace model, several facing options are available to match your decor.

Fireback liner designs vary from a traditional brick or stucco finish to a contemporary black glass option, which is ideal for reflecting lights and enhancing the amount of flame seen in the fire. All fire cladding options dramatically improve the look of fire, many working with included accent lighting to create shadows and add even more ambiance to your space.

Possibilities of TV installation

The Lopi CoolSmart Wall System is a safe and simple way to position your TV or favorite artwork above a sleek and modern linear or traditional style gas fireplace.

The CoolSmart Wall Kit (front face) is designed to redirect convection heat from the front of the fireplace, just above the glass, to a higher location on the wall.

Instead of being visible from the front, the new CoolSmart Wall Kit (Side Vent) option allows you to vent heat to the sides of the fireplace projection or mantel.

This system allows the installation of a TV above the fireplace – recessed into the wall (up to 108 mm deep) or simply front mounted on the wall. Plus, there’s no need for a coat, allowing for a clean, modern look.

Models available

The GreenSmart2 system, transparent firewall and Natural Draft Direct Vent technology are available on the following product lines:

High-end traditional gas fireplaces

Premium Linear Gas Fireplaces

Premium gas inserts

Freestanding Gas Fireplaces

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